Prosecco walls & drinks ladders

Our prosecco walls are the perfect addition to any drinks party! Much-loved by guests (not only because of what they hold, but also for how fab they look), they're ideal for serving arrival drinks.   If you're not serving prosecco, don't worry - they can be used for other drinks too.  Extra glasses can be hired to replenish the wall and different signs are available - all you have to do is supply the drinks!

Please enquire about our prices. 

  • Love with Letters - White Prosecco Wall
  • Love with Letters - White Prosecco Wall 2
  • Love with Letters - White Prosecco Ladder

    white prosecco wall & ladder

    • Love with Letters - Prosecco Wall & Drinks Ladders (2)
    • Love with Letters - Prosecco Wall (1)

      greenery beer & prosecco wall

      I cannot thank Love with Letters enough! Chantelle was excellent, professional and kind. She was kind enough to travel to our venue before even booking to make sure the blossom trees would fit and I was happy with the look. The amount of lovely comments I had on the day about the blossom trees and the selfie stand was insane and I feel like they really did bring that extra spark to my wedding.  I would recommend Chantelle in a heartbeat. A lovely family run business who I’m sure will continue to excel in all they do.